Wire Strings Journal

This is an archive of copies in pdf format of the journal Wire Strings which was sent out to members of the Wire Branch from 2006 to 2013. They contain articles, news items, snippets of interest, interviews and music.

The 2006-09 series (Volume I) was edited by Karen Marshalsay,  and the first issues, up to issue VIII, was a printed copy only. The music that was inside the issues has been attached to the end of each pdf, if it has been possible to include it. Music which came (with permission) from a published book has not been reproduced here, but there is a note as to which book it came from. Note also that the last page of each journal in that series has been removed as the contact information was out of date. The music that was in issue VI/VII May 2008 has been uploaded as a separate pdf due to file size.

Volume II (2010-2013) was edited by Bill Taylor and these pdfs are as sent out at the time. Please note therefore that any links and other details may or may not still be working and relevant. There were associated sound files with some issues which have not at present been uploaded.

After 2013 the branch stopped publishing Wire Strings and moved on to sending news and information on events by email to members, and working on one or two special projects each year, including commissioning new compositions and arrangements for wire-strung harp.



Wire Strings January 2013

Wire Strings July 2013

Wire Strings July 2012

Wire Strings March 2012

Wire Strings September 2011

Wire Strings June 2011

Wire Strings October 2010

Wire Strings June 2010


Wire Strings Vol 1 2006-09 Index This is a rough index of each volume, listing articles, authors, music and arranger/composer and is intended as a guide only.

Wire Strings XII September 2009

Wire Strings XI March 2009

Wire Strings X December 2008

Wire Strings X Christmas Extra 2008

Wire Strings IX September 2008

Wire Strings VIII July 2008

Wire Strings VI/VII May 2008

Wire Strings VI/VII May 2008 MUSIC

Wire Strings V February 2008

Wire Strings IV July 2007

Wire Strings II/III April 2007

Wire Strings I June 2006