The branch exists to explore the possibilities of the wire-strung clarsach, acknowledging its historical past and developing different styles of playing which encompass both ancient and modern approaches to technique, repertoire, and the instrument itself. We also have several members who play bray harp, as the techniques are similar, and would welcome bray players to our branch, whether or not they play wire as well.

We are one of several branches of The Clarsach Society, and the only one dedicated to a specific type of harp rather than a geographical area. As such we have members in various countries around the world. If you would like to join the society you can do so here.

The branch has a wire harp for hire at a monthly rate, if you would like to enquire about it please get in touch.

This site is mainly an archive of articles written for our previous websites. It also provides a link to our Facebook page, to the main society pages, and may feature the occasional blog or new article.

Information about branch events and workshops will be posted on our Facebook page.

This video was made by the Edinburgh International Harp Festival and features Karen Marshalsay on 19 string wire harp.